An object that communicates, subtly or directly, humorously or seriously, problem-related or as a fantasy object. Understandable at first sight and still interesting at the second. My “object” was the topic of stress. How do I develop something that is a symbol of stress? A feeling which everyone is familiar with and yet is individually different. Usually triggered by too high demands on oneself or the pressure of doing right for others. Why are we so vulnerable today? And why does stress make us sick? How can I protect myself? And the most important, how can I get rid of it? Shake it off? Run away? Dodge? Undress?

The conscious removal of the jacket is intended to clarify that stress is something we put upon ourselves and accordingly, we can also free ourselves from it. The jacket has been created as a critical object for stress. So while undressing, you can be release the stress. To create a feeling of stress, typical body responses were integrated into the jacket. At first the tightness in throat and chest, which was metaphorically picked up by the lacing of the jacket, the imaginary weight that lays you to the ground is symbolized with sand filled shoulder pads and the heart piercing is represented by a pointed cone at hearts level.

Project details


Semester project

SPECTRUM OF TASKS and realization

design, conception, sewing the jacket & photography


Aileen Wilke & Robert Kurek

photo credit

Madeline Vogel