Homesickness & Wanderlust

Homesickness & Wanderlust

Both feelings are opposites, but still one comes with the other. I chose to make them touchable and show how different and equal they are at the same time. Feelings are like a journey, they change like paths, they cross other feelings like rivers and they are always different like the weather. So they are like a map, an journey of discovery.

The outcomes are two emotion maps – one for Homesickness and the other for Wanderlust. They are working together as an installation with both maps hanging back to back, but still connected through metaphorically filled boxes, which go through both maps.

Project details


Bachelor Thesis at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences


research, layout, design, conception, final artwork & implementation as a prototype


The maps are made of laser engraved beech wood and hung back to back. The boxes are made of multiplex beech and acrylic glass.


Carolin Schaffer & Michel Fleißner