100m2 Ozean

100m2 Ozean

An underwater world so inscrutable and dark, as mysterious and exciting as hardly any part of this earth. During the exhibition “100m2 Meer” in the House of Science Bremen, you were able to embark on a journey into the unknown and experience the largest habitat of our earth. In the field of exploration, utility and preservation during the Science Year 2017, the special exhibition presented the latest findings and technologies.

In a team of five people and with only a 100m2 surface a dark underwater world emerged from a bright and light-flooded room. In just six months, the exhibition concept was developed, exhibits and their manufacturers looked after and finally implemented in terms of building the exhibition furniture. My personal spectrum of tasks was the conception and organization of the exhibition, the communication with the House of Science as client and the University of Bremen as exhibitors, as well as the management and preparation of presentations.

Project details


semester project with Lena Heinz, Johannes Nortmann, Lorenz Potthast, Thomas Frank, Katharina Wohlleben & Alexander Böll


House of Science Bremen


design, conception, planning, modelling, presentation & communication

photo credit

Lorenz Potthast & Thomas Frank