Imagine „water as the highest good“.

In a world, where water shortage is scarce as a means of payment and exchange, that’s where the estimator works and lives. In this fictive world, he is an important person, who determines the value and purity of water. As a sought-after men, he gets bribed and begged by his customers, because he decides who lives and who dies.

Based on this utopia, a critical examination emerged in form of a suitcase. The suitcase of the estimator contains instruments with which the value of the water is determined and acknowledged. The resulting scenario shows his workplace, which he has just left for a short time.

Project details


semester project with Carolin Schaffer & Claudia Trautmann

SPECTRUM OF TASKS and realization

utopia, conception, prototype construction, photography & presentation

Photo credit

Vanessa Queck & Madeline Vogel