Out Standing


Outstanding are dishes you use while standing. They are developed for larger events, where seating space  is not available or there are more guests than seats. In this case, it is often usual to hold your plate while eating, which is uncomfortable and makes it difficult to eat properly, especially when you have to handle a glass, too.

Outstanding is a combination of a hexagonal wooden tray and various ceramic bowls. The tray has a hole in the corner which can be used to hold a glass of wine or champagne or for your thumb to hold it like a painters palette. You will find an engraved triangle pattern at the tray and the negative of it on the bottom of the bowls, which makes it possible to fix the bowls on the tray – to avoid slipping. Both the trays and bowls are stackable, which makes them easily storable.

Project details


semester project


Design, conception, test runs, prototype construction & photography


milling and lacquering the trays out of rigid polyurethane foam, modeling and laser engraving the wooden tray

Photo credit

Oliver Reichert